To ensure that the evolving needs of Camas students and staff are being met with excellence and equity, the district is divided into geographical areas that determine elementary and middle school attendance.

Elementary School

The current elementary school boundaries were implemented in the fall of 2013 with input from community members, parents, and business partners. Click here for the boundary map. The Camas School Board may change attendance when estimated enrollments substantially exceed class size guidelines in order to operate an effective and efficient educational program during the following year. (Policy 3030; Procedure 3030)

Middle School

  • Helen Baller Elementary, Lacamas Lake Elementary, and Woodburn Elementary students attend Liberty Middle School.
  • Dorothy Fox Elementary, Grass Valley Elementary, and Prune Hill Elementary students attend Skyridge Middle School.
  • Students from any Camas elementary school may pursue enrollment in our project-based learning program at Odyssey Middle School by submitting an interest form in the spring.

High School

  • Middle school students from all Camas middle schools can attend Camas High School.
  • Students from any Camas middle school may pursue enrollment at Hayes Freedom High School by submitting an application.
  • Students from any Camas middle school may also pursue enrollment in our project-based learning program at Discovery High School by submitting an interest form.


Family Choice allows any student who resides outside the district to apply to attend a school in the district.

The district will consider all applications for non-resident attendance equally based on the following standards:

  1. Whether space is available in the grade level or classes at the building in which the student desires to be enrolled;
  2. Whether appropriate educational programs or services are available to improve the student’s condition as stated in the request for release from his or her district of residence;
  3. Whether the student’s attendance in the district is likely to create a risk to the health or safety of other students or staff;
  4. Whether the district has already accepted as many non-resident students for the school year as permitted by this policy;
  5. Whether the student’s disciplinary records indicate a history of violent or disruptive behavior or gang membership and
  6. Whether the student has been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than ten consecutive days, in which case the student may apply for admission under the district’s policy for readmission of expelled students.

A parent or guardian may apply for admission on behalf of his or her child by completing the Choice Transfer Request form. Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted beginning Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Releasing: Students who live within the Camas School District boundaries but want to attend school in another school district should complete a Choice Transfer Request Form to be released from Camas School District. Please email the completed and signed form to the choice coordinator of your resident district (below) as well as Evergreen and Vancouver school districts do not need this form to be emailed to them.

Requesting: Students living outside Camas School District boundaries requesting to attend a school within Camas School District must fill out a Choice Transfer Request Form and email it to their resident district (listed below) as well as to be released.

Non-resident boundary requests are valid for one school year only; therefore, a Choice Transfer Form must be submitted for consideration each year.

For more information, visit our Boundary FAQ below or see Board Policy 3141: Non-Resident Students.

Intra-District Boundary Exceptions

Families living within the Camas School District boundaries may apply for placement in a school other than their neighborhood school by completing the Intra-District Exception form online. Intra-District Boundary Exceptions for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted beginning Monday, April 15, 2024.