When summer forest fires impact air quality in Camas, staff will make daily determinations about whether it is safe to hold school and outside activities. Our decisions will be based on information from a variety of local and regional sources, including the Airnow.gov.

Schools will be open daily as scheduled unless a closure announcement is made. Parents are always encouraged to consider the conditions of their neighborhood school and any special circumstances or needs of their students to determine whether to keep their children home from school during adverse conditions. Students are excused from school when they have the permission of the parent or guardian.

As air quality can change quickly and drastically, district and school officials monitor conditions frequently throughout the school day and make decisions accordingly regarding outdoor activities.

This chart provides health recommendations regarding air pollution and school activities.

A table that details recommended activities when the air quality is goo and when it is severe.


**NOTE: Asthma Action plans should be followed regardless of air quality for all levels of activity. When air quality is diminished, individuals should pay special attention to their Asthma Action plan.
Light Activities: Playing board games, throwing and catching while standing, and cup stacking.
Moderate Activities: Yoga, shooting basketballs, dance instruction, and ping pong.
Vigorous Activities: Running, jogging, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, cheerleading, and jumping rope.