Indicators of {and for} Success

Camas School District stands on the belief in growth for every student. We use “growth markers” that help us monitor and support students through each grade level so they graduate college career- and community-ready. These markers help us intervene, enrich, and extend learning for each student and provide valuable information for how our district can continue to improve.

Focusing on Caring, Quality & Growth

The three main goals of our 2020 Vision will strengthen current student supports and drive new initiatives focused on maximizing student learning.


TOGETHER WE CARE ABOUT EACH LEARNER and will provide high-quality instruction that results in continuous growth and academic success for all students.


TOGETHER WE CREATE A QUALITY SCHOOL CLIMATE that fosters a culture of encouragement and celebrates student success at all levels. The environment is focused on the needs and aspirations of the whole child—enabling a climate of mutual respect, inspired learning, and the development of character and life skills.


TOGETHER WE EMBRACE A GROWTH MINDSET and systems that sustain that growth

What We Stand For


Our mission stands the test of time. Camas Public Schools strives to provide students with the ability to communicate effectively, use technology, reason, be self-confident, possess mental and physical health, and work effectively with others. In broader terms, our mission is to create a learning community where students, staff, and citizens are involved jointly in the advancement of knowledge and personal growth.


Together we envision a birth-to-beyond high school educational system that responds to our ever-changing and diverse world by empowering students and community through learning. Our students will graduate prepared for life’s challenges—lifelong learners who are independent and motivated, compassionate, ethical, and contributing members of society.

  • Excellence in Academic, Social and Lifelong Learning
  • Open and Effective Communication
  • Distributive Leadership
  • Strong Community, Family, and Business Partnerships
  • Cultural Understanding and Equity
  • Safe and Healthy School Environments
  • Outstanding Teachers and Staff
  • Quality Facilities and Resources