Camas Community Education (CCE) strives to enrich the lives of community members through quality extra-curricular activities. We do this by providing valuable before- and after-school programs for Camas community members and beyond. These programs include educational, social, and recreational themes. Classes are offered at school sites throughout the Camas area serving both youth and adults alike. Our classes are self-supporting and taught by knowledgeable instructors with expertise in the subject area they are teaching. Throughout the year community education offers over 150 classes or camps to approximately 1,800 participants.

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Department Direct: 360-833-5544

Rachel Best, Facilities/Extended Day Child Care Administrative Assistant
Email Name: | 79199

Karen Rudolf, Community Education Coordinator
Email Name: karen.rudolf | 78501

Brenda Snell, Community Education Coordinator
Email Name: brenda.snell | 75000

Mary Weishaar, Community Education Director
Email Name: mary.weishaar | 78500