What are Intramurals?

The Camas School District Intramural program was created to get young people in the Camas School District involved and active in recreational sports and activities.

Our offerings are designed to provide positive and safe experiences for CSD students that promote:

  • Physical health and a diverse athletic skill set
  • Mental wellness and confidence
  • Fun and friendships

CSD Intramurals complement existing athletic opportunities and activities offered by Camas Community Education, school athletic programs, and community sports organizations.

Sometimes it is helpful to define something by addressing what it is not. CSD Intramurals are not:

  • A big time commitment – There are few to no practices, and some activities are offered at the end of the school day to minimize the need for additional transportation.
  • Expensive – As much as possible, we try to select activities that do not require the purchase of specialized equipment. In many cases, equipment will be provided. Scholarships are available. For more information, contact your school’s athletic office.
  • Competitive – This one requires a little clarification. Sports are inherently competitive. But Intramurals are not competitive in the following ways:
    • Everyone is welcome to participate. There are no cuts base on ability or experience.
    • Playing time is not determined by a coach. Supervisors will monitor contests and make adjustments to help ensure fairness and fun.
    • In terms of competitiveness, intramural activities are similar to PE activities; whereas a secondary goal might be to achieve a personal best or win the game, the primary goals are fun, physical activity, skill development, and social connectedness.

How much do they cost?

  • Elementary school participants will pay appropriate Community Education fees.
  • Middle school and high school participants will need to cover these costs:
    • ASB Card ($25 middle school/$35 high school)
    • Intramural Fee (depends on level and sport)
    • Recommended items (e.g., knee pads for volleyball, shin guards for futsal and soccer, etc.)
    • Personal choice items such as clothing, cleats, and pickleball paddle.

How do I sign up?

Elementary Students
(Dorothy Fox, Helen Baller, Grass Valley, Lacamas Lake, Prune Hill, Woodburn)
Registration Site: Camas Community Education
Website: www.camascommunityed.org
Phone: 360-833-5544
Middle School Students
(Liberty, Odyssey, Skyridge)
Registration Site: Any of the following –

Liberty Middle School Athletics Office
Phone:  360-833-5850

Skyridge Middle School Athletics Office
Phone: 360-833-5800

Camas Community Education
Website: www.camascommunityed.org
Phone: 360-833-5544

High School Students
(CHS, Discovery & HFHS)
Registration Site: Camas High School Athletics Office
Phone: 360-833-5760

What about transportation?

Transportation between schools (e.g., Odyssey to Liberty or Skyridge, Discovery or HFHS to CHS) will be provided to intramural sites. Parents are responsible for transporting students home.

Anything else I need to know?

CSD Intramurals are about involvement and fun!

Participants have a big impact on whether or not we achieve this goal, so we want students to sign up. But we also expect them to come in with a positive attitude, treat supervisors and others with respect, and show good sportsmanship. If you can meet those expectations, then you will be a perfect addition to our program!