It's all about the teachers! They are caring, intuitive, hard working, make learning fun, provide many extras, and intentionally teach what needs to be taught. They have included me in the community of learning and I sincerely appreciate being apart of my child's education.

More-Focused and Hands-on Programs

For students who have identified a preferred learning model or academic area of interest, Camas offers several programs of study with a more-focused and hands-on approach. Find out more about:


Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA)

Math Science Technology Magnet

Project-Based Learning Program

Our family is grateful to be a part of the Camas School District. With a high level of commitment to the success and development of its children, the Camas district has set itself apart from most others in this region.



Camas School District’s One:World initiative (pronounced “one to world”) is connecting each student to the world around them through technology. Starting with Chromebook™ notebook computers for students in grades 6 and 9 in fall 2016, by late 2019 all students in grades 6–12 will have been issued a device.


dollars spent per student each year


on-time student graduation rate


teachers with a master’s degree


number of students launching the PBL middle school program