Posted: February 22, 2021

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend.  It’s been exciting to see students return to school and to athletics the past weeks.  As we’ve talked throughout the pandemic, transitions are especially challenging and I appreciate everyone’s effort to support our students, families, and teachers through them.

Daily COVID rates over the past week indicate a drop in our rate per 100,000 per 14 days again this week.  Our board will continue monitoring timelines and levels at their 2/22 meeting including discussion about high school, small group v. hybrid, and an elementary transition schedule for increased days. We’ll also review our countermeasure staff survey data and discuss the CDC’s recent update of K12 recommendations. After moving to phase 2 as a region, we are now able to host an onsite school board meeting Monday with limited capacity.  We will still continue to provide Zoom access as well.

We’re finishing up our series of “Getting to Know You” with Meet Sam Bovarnick from Camas High this week.  I’ll be launching another series in the coming weeks featuring student interviews.  I’m really looking forward to sharing those. 🙂

Have a great week!