Posted: October 29, 2020


Last year in a May HOPE & JOY I shared, “Our mindset has to be what I give today is enough.  It was my best today and I will take what I learned to be better tomorrow.  You are appreciated for all that you’ve done in the past, what you will do today, and you are more than enough for the challenges ahead.”

A lot has happened since May.  You are all doing incredible work and I’m sure it never feels like it’s enough.  I sure feel that way.  There’s always more, always another need to be met, and then there’s just trying to navigate life.

This is a different HOPE JOY this week.  It’s designed for YOU.  I hope there’s something in it that reminds you that you are not alone.  You are appreciated.  And, you matter.

This link will take you to slides with several pathways, HOPE & JOY: Taking care of each other; taking care of ourselves.

  • You can explore a podcast from Jennifer McMillan about staying resilient.
  • You can learn more about what our students said in the panorama survey.  Spoiler alert – they see you!
  • You can watch an extraordinary video from one of our students about her “endeavors with my mind during the past 6 months”.
  • You can learn about the curve of emotional response during a disaster and what builds resiliency from the WA Department of Health.

I hope you find HOPE in the message.  You bring me hope every day!