Posted: March 29, 2021

Hello!  With the Governor’s announcement Thursday, we are faced with another transition.  It seems the only other constant besides our amazing teachers and staff showing up for students has been a never-ending state of change and adjustments. It’s required our focus to be on what’s next and hasn’t created a lot of time to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come.  When we started this year I spoke about how we will look back on this experience and recognize the significance of what we’ve done on behalf of our students, community and each other.  We are almost there.  I know our staff will do their best to make these 50+ days we have left to be the best they can be.  Thank you!

The Washington State Senate and House budgets have been released.  I testified on Friday in support of state stabilization funds.  Over the next several weeks there will be negotiations between the two as they work towards an adopted budget.  This is critical for Camas because of the disparity in Federal Relief funding between districts.  To learn more about Federal relief, state stabilization and how they affect Camas click HERE.  We’ve been discussing these in our budget committee and board meetings.


One of my favorite things about the HOPE & JOY project has been people reaching out and sharing their stories of HOPE & JOY with me.  When the HOPE & JOY email comes out it often prompts people to share a connection and I love it!  This past week Kate Chase shared a video from one of her students, Chris.  I asked her to tell me a little more about Chris.  The way Kate described Chris just warms my heart.  I think this VIDEO from Chris will warm yours too!

Chris is so thoughtful and insightful. As young as he is, his ability to empathize and see the bigger picture of the world around is impressive. At the beginning of the year, when I met on zoom with all kids and families, I asked who some of their friends were and so many of them listed Chris as one of their best friends. I couldn’t wait to meet the kiddo who seemed to be a friend to all! 

He’s a great listener and connects ideas from classmates’ conversations from previous class sessions to new ideas in subsequent lessons. This makes his peers feel valued and heard.  He’s also silly and funny, energetic and kind. He encourages others in subtle ways that bring smiles all around. He’s positive but keeps it real.  We have a button I push upon request (any time…mid lesson or not) called: 30 Second Dance Party and Chris gets into it the MOST either on zoom or in person. He loves to dance!

Chris is just an awesome little human and I’m so glad I got to know him this year.









Have a wonderful week!