Posted: October 19, 2020

When I first started teaching, I had a playbook from college, wisdom from my student teaching, and a year of substitute teaching under my belt.  I felt ready, but I was nervous.  As the school year started I had some success and a lot of failure!  I listened to my students and quickly determined there were a handful of teachers I needed to meet and learn from.  The students talked about them in a way I hoped they talked about me.  The students didn’t use these exact words but the general message went something like this.  “He’s tough, but I’m learning a lot.” “She cares about me.” “The way she organizes things really helps me.”  These colleagues became my mentors.  I learned so much from them in conversations between classes, at lunch, by visiting their classrooms.

Working together looks a little different today. There aren’t the same opportunities to check-in with colleagues, but there are new ways to connect.  This week’s HOPE & JOY is about connecting with other teachers.  I interviewed three Camas High School teachers, Charlotte Waters, Kate Hunting, and Katie Boring to talk about what they’ve learned and what’s working for them for remote learning.  It was a great conversation – enjoy!