Posted: June 7, 2021

I hope you had a nice weekend.  This is graduation week with CHS on Friday and HFHS on Saturday.  What an incredible journey for the class of 2021?!?  Their resiliency is inspiring and your support of them has been greatly appreciated.

We have all learned a lot this year about our schools, students, families, and ourselves.  Each year we get the amazing opportunity to pause, reflect, and think about how we want to do it all over again next year.

The words of our seniors and all of our students are so powerful.  They are why we get to do this work and what they share about their experiences give us great insight into how best to serve them.  Try to make it through the last one; I think you’ll find it particularly touching and thoughtful.

Have a great week!


HOPE & JOY: Wisdom from seniors part III, what do you remember?

  • My middle school teachers fostered a strong sense of community between all the students in their classes. I remember playing games and working on assignments with people who had the same teachers as I did.
  • I remember in elementary school how we used to have a birthday table, where you could sit at in the month that your birthday was, and from there you could take a picture with the principal and it would be posted on the bulletin board. I also remember the plays we did in elementary schools, and how I was sick on the days we did them, but I still went because I cared so much about them, namely Of Mice and Mozart and the Burly Crew. As for middle school, I remember the different musicals I participated in throughout the years, and the 8th grade debates and how we got free donuts that day.
  • I had a good time in both elementary and middle school, maturing and learning more every day while making many many memories
  • I had a lot of good teachers in all schools and was especially involved in the school community in elementary school.
  • i remember playing soccer every recess during elementary school, during middle school i was always having fun during pe when we would play all kinds of different sports.
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis was a spelling word in fifth grade. Why?
  • I remember feeling safe and welcome but I didn’t understand when people were being mean in elementary. In middle school I remember getting more distant and untrusting of my peers because it felt like everyone was making fun and talking behind my back.
  • How my schools really wanted to inspire me to be more creative, but how it was a constant struggle when trying to keep my grades up, my spirits up, and struggling with a social life.
  • I can’t remember much from my elementary years it feels like a giant blurr. As for middle school, I’ve made so many regrettable actions that I’d rather just forget it all but other than that middle school was… alright?
  • A ton of the teachers genuinely care about their students and put in so much time and effort to ensure that we get the best education possible, while also keeping things fun.
  • It was at most a challenge, teen years are strange, and a lot of high school had me challenging myself or overworking myself, at least that’s how it usually was back at CHS. There was a lot I wished to do but couldn’t achieve and looking back I wish I achieved my goals.
  • I had a tough time adjusting and I felt really bad about myself during high school years. I am really going to miss high school though because I have made and been able to make some friends but not too many. I feel as if I’m abandoning everyone here and the thought of graduating kinda makes me feel excited, fearful, and sad all at the same time. I just can’t believe it. I’m going to graduate! I never thought I would actually reach this moment.
  • I think the thing that stands out to me about high school is how I truly have found my people here. I know going off to college those friendships might grow apart for a bit but I have truly found my friends for life here and I will forever be grateful for that.
  • What stands out to me about High School has been my maturing. Since my freshman year I’ve had a lot of growth and have become and independent person. In middle school I’d always want my parents to look over my work but throughout High School I’ve just grown to get things done on my schedule and there’s definitely self-accomplishment which is weird to think about knowing how I came into High School.
  • Ok so, here’s something that I never liked. I always felt like school assemblies and a lot of the school activities felt really childish and like it was pandering. And everything that happened felt like I was left out. Like everything always felt like the people that the school recognize were people who have achieved something in the schools eyes. It probably didn’t help that the people the school recognized weren’t my favorite people either. I’m not really sure what the school can do about this, most of what I said is probably a problem with me and my unsociable nature but, maybe there is something the school can do to help include these people. And if you do try to include these more introverted people, don’t force them into anything and really don’t try to pander to them. Sorry for being so negative about school and everything in general. Students and teachers don’t usually pay a great amount attention to me because I don’t make problems usually and when they do I act rude or mean, cementing my position as someone not to pay attention to, so I like to relish these little forms to help me feel heard even if no one is actually listening. You can scrap whatever I said before I’m sure that this is really just a me problem.