Posted: June 1, 2021

I hope you are all having a nice Memorial Day Weekend.  It feels like summer has arrived.

This week I’m sharing wisdom from seniors about the following question:  In thinking about life after graduation, what are you most nervous about?  What are you most excited about?




HOPE & JOY: Nerves & Excitement

  • How I’m going to do college and having a job at the same time to pay for my rent because I want to move out of my parent’s house.
  • I’m excited to be going to bootcamp in August
  • I’m mostly nervous about figuring out what I want to do, I’m mostly excited to start living my own life
  • I am nervous about my financial future. I am excited about everything else.
  • I’m nervous about doing things on my own and messing them up. I know that mistakes I make when I’m out on my own will be more serious than those I make now, so that makes me nervous. But I’m excited about starting college and having more independence.
  • I’m nervous about how life’s gonna treat me, but I’m excited to be out in the real world and learning things on my own.
  • I mostly nervous about where I am going to be living in for the near future and how I am going to be making enough money.
  • I’m excited to start college and move out, but I’m nervous about paying rent.
  • Nervous about paying for college myself.. excited about everything else
  • I’m most nervous about actually deciding the path I want to go down because I still feel like a kid, but now I will be making decisions that will be affecting me for the rest of my life. Though I am excited to get a full time job probably just because money is nice to have.
  • Most nervous about going to a different city, most excited about having some independence and spending time with friends.
  • I’m not sure but what I do know is that I plan on doing a lot of great things in life but first I have to get a part-time job and go to a massage therapy school and then I will be able to think about doing other things that I have thought about doing.
  • Nervous about living on my own or that I won’t get along with my roommate. Excited to live in a place that is nice and warm and have more freedom over my class schedule.
  • I am most nervous about maintaining money and using it correctly. I am most excited about getting to feel self reliant and free to do whatever pleases me.
  • I am most excited about pursuing higher education and obtaining my dream job. I am most nervous about being completely independent.
  • I’m nervous about handling things on my own, but I’m excited to start my life.
  • I am nervous to leave all of my friends. It’s a weird feeling to think that when I leave, it will be a completely fresh start with completely new people. I think that will definitely be hard to deal with at first. I am really going to miss all of my friends so much. I’ll also miss coming home to my parents and my dog. It’ll be very weird to not come home to my house, instead coming to a dorm room as my home.