A Moment to Remember

Posted: March 16, 2020

Wow, we’re 75 days into 2020 and it’s been quite a ride. The next six weeks promise to be different from anything we’ve ever collectively experienced.

I love to plan things.  I can drive my family crazy sometimes on vacations, because I like to make sure all the details are covered so we can experience everything we possibly can. My wife likes to remind me that sometimes just relaxing on a beach without a timeline is a great experience. 🙂 When I came home Friday, my daughter Kenzie said like only an 18 year old can, “well what are you going to be planning for me with all of this time?” It wasn’t expressed with a lot of appreciation.

We are spending a lot of time planning right now. We’ve been given a complex challenge with great responsibility.  It’s pressing on me, because all of those details I like to know and work out are pretty uncertain.  We develop plans and then things change. I’ve been coming to grips with the fact that there will be a lot of monitoring and adjusting in the weeks ahead which requires good listening and problem-solving. It’s like knowing the destination – a time when we can come back to school safely, proud of the work we’ve done to support students and families – without knowing if we’re going by car, train, plane, or horseback!

If your family vacations are like mine, they don’t always go according to plan even with all the preparation. A few years ago we took a family trip to Italy. We spent a long time planning and getting everything ready, tickets ahead of time and activities mapped out.  On one of the last days we were scheduled to see the Vatican at 10 AM. It was pouring as we headed out with water running down the streets. About halfway on our journey, a couple of train transfers in, we realized we had left the tickets back in the apartment. The Vatican was amazing with lots of great memories, but what I remember most about that day was Kenzie and I running back to the apartment to find the tickets and make it back by the 10 AM deadline, AND how wet we were.  It was an adventure!  I included a picture from that day after we made it. 🙂

Unfortunately we won’t be experiencing the next six weeks like it is a vacation. These are scary times for everyone.  I have great hope that we will reach our destination, school safely back in session, with lots of great memories of learning and working together.  hank you for being a part of our team.

Later this evening, Marilyn will be sending out more information about the week ahead. We’ll continue to provide updates to you and our community. Take care of yourself and each other.