Posted: January 10, 2021


I hope you have had a nice weekend.  We have a board meeting Monday night and then the community town hall Tuesday night so lots of opportunities to engage with our community with most of the energy being around our district reopening plans.

It was of course a historic week watching the transition of our presidency unfold in ways we never imagined.  It reminds us all how fragile democracy is and our important role in public education.  As I shared with the community on Monday, helping students assume positive intent from someone who has a different perspective, seeking to understand from a respectful place, and listening to learn are perhaps the most important lessons we can share.  Thank you for modeling and supporting that every day.Below are two more staff members to meet in our getting to know you series, Michael Redlin from Helen Baller Elementary and Jenni Fennerl from Lacamas Lake. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and I hope you do too.

Have a great week!


Getting to Know You – take a couple minutes to meet two staff members!

Michael Redlin

Jenni Fennerl