Posted: May 17, 2021

“School governance is the foundation of our public school systems—and stability, expertise, and representation by people invested in their children’s education are critical to effective governance.” (Pierce)

For the past ten years I’ve had the privilege to watch our school board,  Casey O’Dell, Julie Rotz, Mary Tipton and our current board members Erika Cox, Connie Hennessey, Corey, McEnry, Tracey Malone, and Doug Quinn, in action.  It’s been a front row seat at board meetings, policy review, budget committee, listening posts, site visits, conferences, concerts, games, graduations … it goes on and on.  I’ve appreciated their thoughtful questions, their preparation, the direction and trust they provide, and the many hours they spend away from their family, volunteering on behalf of our community.

Through the years they’ve led us through successful levy and bond campaigns resulting in tremendous programs and facilities.  They’ve persevered through challenges such as boundary rezoning, contract negotiations, and now a pandemic.  Even though we often thank them, it’s a pretty thankless role.

This year has been an extraordinary year to be a school board member.  There is the burden of student and staff safety, student learning and social emotional health, and an uncertain future that I know weighs heavy.  With all of that they keep showing up with a focus on students and a focus on our community.

The Camas School Board has been a foundation providing stability, expertise and representation for our community.  I appreciate them greatly.

This week we received an update from the Department of Health regarding K12 guidance for fall of 2021.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more information about what the update means, begin surveying families, about their learning delivery preference, and work to refine fall plans based on the new guidance, ready to adjust to any updates over the summer.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!