Posted: May 25, 2020

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day Weekend.  Our family typically spends this weekend in the Spokane area visiting and remembering family.  It’s kind of an annual pilgrimage that helps me re center and reprioritize as we head to the end of the school year.  I missed going this year, although I don’t think I have missed the opportunity to reprioritize.  It feels like there has been plenty of that this spring, both professionally and personally.  Although the activities are a bit different, the anchor points of family, hope, and purpose remain the same.

Our staff has collectively done a lot of adjusting this spring in the services we provide and how we deliver them.  Your creativity and flexibility in making the adjustments is greatly appreciated.   On the learning side, we’ve been asked to prioritize learning standards to help make the most of the remote learning opportunities we have.  This will be a consistent theme as we head into next our school year whether it’s a traditional, hybrid, or remote learning setting.  Prioritizing standards that are key building blocks for students is so important.  Connecting those blocks across grade levels and classes will also be critical.

180 days has never felt like enough time to address all the learning we wanted for our students.  This year has proven that sometimes we can’t count on 180 days.  It’s likely the activities next year might look a little different than we’re used to, but if we identify and hold on to our anchors points, we can collectively move forward.  When we move forward together, our students reap the benefits.

Over the next several weeks, as we wind down this historic year, there will be opportunities for you to help us establish our anchors as we plan for next year.  We’ll be paying attention to what’s going on at the state level (School ‘as usual’ is unlikely as Washington officials weigh options for next fall amid coronavirus pandemic) and figuring out what will work for us in Camas together.


I hope you all have a great week!