Lunch at LLE

Posted: November 17, 2019

This week I’m sharing more from Marci Zabel’s class at Lacamas Lake elementary.  I spoke with Marci during lunch.  Lunch at any school is a busy time and that was certainly true at Lacamas Lake.  Waves of students came in, ate, and left with a soundtrack of laughter and excitement.  Staff we circling the commons making connections through smiles and assistance with juice boxes among other things. Unstructured times such as lunch are great opportunities for students to develop their interpersonal skills.  They can also be times of stress and anxiety.

Marci serves students who just like anyone else want to do well, and sometimes communication can be a struggle.  We all want to feel safe and communicating fear and need can be really complicated.  Asking for help sometimes comes out in different ways that can really challenge us.

Marci is inspired by her students because they are hopeful.  They come to school and try each day.

She’s excited about some of the success she’s seen for her students.  “We’ve pushed and also had to think differently to help them grow, which takes a lot of collaborative planning.  It’s all about listening and adjusting.”

One student in particular really stands out to Marci.  He is being included more with his peers this year and really gave us a run for our money the first month.  We took a step back and really tried to find opportunities for him to earn some little wins, and build from there.  He has two 10 min break cards which help give him a sense of control, and he’s making a lot of progress.  I’m super proud of him.  We want him to feel good about school.  It’s a bright spot when you start to see students hit their potential.  It’s a constant back and forth working towards that and it takes everyone coming together.  

The characters in our collective story don’t always stick to the script, and it takes all of us working together to keep the story moving forward.

Have a great week!


Framework Links:

1.3 Understanding students’ interests and backgrounds

1.4 Demonstrating value and respect for typically underserved students

5.3 Demonstrating “With-it-ness”


  • What happens when things go off script for you?
  • How do you help students feel good about school?