Posted: September 7, 2020


I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend and now it’s on to week two! 🙂

As we head to week two, please be mindful of our social distancing and mask wearing.  Our actions at school matter!

I’m sure you had some moments last week that ran you through all of the emotions of the start of a school year.  For this week’s HOPE & JOY, I wanted to share a few of the stories that made me smile.  You can hear the following at HOPE JOY: Making Smiles.

  1. A lost tooth in ZOOM.
  2. It looks like I’m the only one my students can see dancing.
  3. Let’s get started before school starts.
  4. A parent-teacher conference in the midst of deployment.

With all of the challenges, and missing our students on campus, there are new ways to discover humanity.  We are creating new opportunities, memories, and community through the way we intentionally engage.  Let’s keep making more smiles this week!