Leave the Light on

Posted: April 20, 2020


We are now more than five weeks past our last day of school on campus.  It’s pretty incredible how time marches on.  A lot has changed since that Friday in March, and a lot remains the same.  All learning has shifted to a remote environment, but what hasn’t changed is the care you bring to your work and this community. The community outreach this week provided great examples of this.  Our elementary schools paraded through neighborhoods, and on Friday night we turned our porch lights on for seniors at Doc Harris stadium.

Creatively connecting with our community beyond academics is really important.  As the closures continue, the impact grows.  Many of our families are struggling.  It might be financially through the loss of a job or reduction of income.  It might be trying to balance shifted work responsibilities with care for the family, which is something many of us are experiencing.  It’s also the unknown.  What does the future look like and what do I need to do to prepare for it?

Our presence in the lives of our families can bring some sort of consistency to an unsettled world.  We have an opportunity to make a difference through our actions.  The opportunity comes with a lot of responsibility to engage in thoughtful and meaningful ways while being mindful of the varying levels of access and support each student has.  It certainly is a work in progress and I appreciate the talent, wisdom, creativity, and energy you’re investing in it.  We’re keeping our porch light on for our community.

Let’s have another great week!