Posted: March 10, 2020

I visited Marci for this interview right as the school day was ending.  That’s a busy time at any school and Lacamas Lake Elementary was not an exception.  I joined the crew getting ready to head to the buses and quickly befriended a student who thought I was a “president or something” because of my tie and CSD lapel pin.  It’s always so fun to talk with students.  As I returned to Marci’s classroom with other staff, the story of the day was retold.  Each day has a series of adventures, some that went well, some that didn’t.  It’s a never-ending cycle of wrapping up one chapter to begin the next, and each person adds to the story.

I asked Marci about the critical quality of seeing beyond the challenges of the moment to the long term growth. You just rally, that’s what you do.  I really appreciate the small moments of progress.  They keep me coming back and wanting more. I really appreciate the team here at Lacamas Lake – there are days where it feels like we’re done and then there’s this resilience from the team that is inspiring and we can keep going.  This has been such a big part of my life, helping students find their home in schools.  I’ve learned so much about taking risks and being creative.  It’s good for students and it’s good for me.  You feel proud that you were able to help students make a connection, big or small.  

Thanks, Marci, for sharing a little bit of your story and those connections with us!  We included some photos of some of the teams!

It Takes a Team


  • How do you debrief your day, wrapping up that chapter and getting ready for the rest?
  • Who do you get to debrief with?  Who knows your story and whose story do you know?


Framework Links:

1.2 Celebrating success

2.8 Evaluating effectiveness of individual lessons and units

3.2 Planning and preparing for the needs of all students