Posted: May 3, 2021

Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Even with the great challenge this year has presented, I hope you have felt great appreciation all year long.  I thought I would share a pretty cool story about one of our staff members I saw on the news this week, Alia Woolfe and her family’s mission of kindness.  I asked Alia about the story on “Kindgrams”  and this school year and this is what she said.  Thank you for sharing Alia! 😊

“For me, teaching during the past year has been a bit like a “trust fall” activity. Leaning back with your eyes closed – knowing that you will be supported but also the letting go of it all. Finding the opportunity over the obligation has been an area of focus for me. I have been teaching a remote Kindergarten class this year and just like in person teaching, there is a lot of joy  and a fair amount of frustration, but I find myself focusing on that joy. It’s starting each day with a chat about kindness. It’s telling jokes during Lunch Bunch. It’s the kid who finally makes a rhyme. It’s the connections even over Zoom. It’s all the good stuff that gets me through. My grandma taught me the power of giving in small ways: giving your time, giving your full attention to someone, or giving a small but unexpected gift. I’ve always tried to impart those lessons to my students, but that mission has never felt as important as it has this past year.” – Alia Woolfe

All of our teachers inspire in so many unique ways.  Thank you!  I hope you have a great week.