Posted: November 9, 2020

I had the privilege of observing some Odyssey sixth grade student presentations about grace and grit on Friday.  There were a lot of connections to our current pandemic situation.  In thinking about last week’s message of resilience, the words from the students sure resonated.  They were thoughtful, kind, and reflective. They made videos, built websites, and shared information about what grace and grit meant to them.  I loved an acronym one of the groups used.





Grit is obviously needed as we continue on the journey of this school year.  Sometimes we talk about grit in the context of digging in, really fighting through.  The focus can be on how hard it is.  I love that students keyed in on the word “gusto” and how important our approach is when demonstrating grit.  It can make all the difference.  It has made all the difference.

Thanks, everyone for all of the grit AND gusto you’ve demonstrated!


Check out some of the student work:

  • Brady Hord, River Sampey, Soren Flyckt, Beckham Serhan  Documentary
  • Josie Crouse, Bailey Lim, Madeline Allen  Photo Story
  • Ben Chilton, Joshua Lane, Joseph Leu Website