Posted: February 7, 2021

Continuing in our series of Getting to Know You, meet Lauren Bergstrom from Dorothy Fox Elementary.  I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these staff members as much as I’ve enjoyed interviewing them.  🙂

This is a big week for our district with ballots due Tuesday on our renewal levies.  Unfortunately, it feels like this is different than elections past where votes were about renewing support from our community based on programs and services provided since the previous election. Right or wrong, for some this election has turned into a referendum on how to navigate the pandemic and timelines for in-person services.  My hope is that in addition to the programs and services provided since our 2017 election, our community will also recognize the extraordinary effort you have put into supporting our students since March 13, 2020.

It’s an interesting time and I know one that can feel very stressful for everyone.  I hope you found some respite over the weekend and enter this week knowing that what you do makes a difference.

Don’t forget to get your ballot in!