Posted: November 4, 2019

What have you learned about your students so far? What surprised you?

Sometimes your first impression doesn’t turn out.  Students need time to find themselves before they can start to be authentic in class.  Student also change in short amounts of time so you have to constantly readapt.  What works one day might now work the next.  You never know what’s going to help you connect with your students and that’s the fun part of teaching. 

How do you utilize the relationship you build with your students to support their learning?

I feel if I get the trust from the student it connects immediately to the learning.  It’s not so important the planning of the activity no matter how phenomenal it is, it’s the relationship.  If they trust you it allows you to have honest conversations and then they know my feedback is coming from a place of caring and it allows them to reflect and learn which leads to their success.

Tell me about your team.

I teach all grades 6, 7, and 8 so I feel like I’m apart of each of those 3 grade level teams and then the whole school with staff and students.  I’m also a part of the elective teacher team.  We try to connect and have lunch once per week together.  I really appreciate this group.  It’s helpful to share how my day and week goes, the good things, the funny stories.  Sometimes I can be a listener too and enjoy the conversation while we’re eating.  They help me learn about the culture of the school and how things work.  We connect and support each other and also have a little break and laugh. I am also a part of the district Spanish team. I am fortunate to be able to connect and share ideas and successes that each of us have in our respective buildings and levels.

Reflection:  Who’s your team? How do they support you? How do you support them?

Framework Criteria:

1.3 Understanding students’ interests and backgrounds

1.4 Demonstrating value and respect for typically underserved students

5.3 Demonstrating “With-it-ness”

8.1 Seeking mentorship for areas of need or interest

8.2 Promoting positive interactions with colleagues