Posted: February 10, 2020


I’ve been trying to get to the top of your Monday morning inbox with HOPE and JOY for a long time now. I think it’s important to start our week off with a story of inspiration.  I hope they’ve brought a smile to your morning and a reminder about how important our work is to our future.

As I was thinking about words to share with you this week, my thoughts focused on Camas High School.  Throughout the challenging week, there was so much inspiration. Sometimes in the whirlwind of the challenge it’s hard to see the moments of inspiration. It requires a pause, to be able to breathe a bit and look around you. When I paused, I found the moments. They often came from students. I was so impressed with how students were working through the many factors of a very complex situation with such compassion and grace. The moments also came from the incredible staff at Camas High.  I was reminded of the words of Fred Rogers’ mother, “watch the helpers.” At every turn, I found staff sharing a kind word, helping out with unexpected needs, supporting each other, and caring for students.  In moments of challenge, there are great opportunities for people to rise up.  The Camas High staff did just that, and I am so grateful.

As you start your week, know that you will face challenges.  Don’t forget to pause and find the moments of inspiration.  Thanks for all you do.