Posted: February 16, 2021

Well … it was quite a President’s/Valentine’s Day weekend!  I hope you all were able to stay warm and didn’t have to venture out on the roads too much.  I’m listening to ice fall off trees and hoping that the melt happens soon enough for school tomorrow.  We’ll be driving the roads this evening to assess our ability to get students safely to school.  The challenge will be all of our neighborhoods.

A huge thank you to our community AND teachers for the support of our renewal levies.  The elections will be certified on 2/19, and it appears both measures will pass.  I cannot describe to you how much relief I felt seeing the first two returns and thinking about our next three school years.

COVID rates are expected to drop again this week.  Our board will continue monitoring timelines and levels at their 2/22 meeting.  We have a lot of transition scheduled over the next month which puts a lot of stress on everyone involved.  We’ll keep taking it day by day, incrementally and cautiously moving forward.  It continues to be critical that we implement the countermeasure strategies consistently across our system.  We all depend upon each other to minimize transmission risk.

Continuing in our series of Getting To Know You, meet Amanda Ollman from Hayes Freedom High.  Enjoy! 🙂