Posted: August 31, 2020


Happy first week of the school year!  A HUGE thank you to everyone for helping get ready for Tuesday.  There are so many logistics and details that need attention to start each year, and this year…well it’s been a little bit busier than usual!

It’s taken a team effort to work through the “to do” list of technology prep & deployment, grounds & building prep, HVAC/water/alarm testing & maintenance, issuing contracts, MoU development, professional learning planning, Remote Learning 2.0 prep, Hybrid Learning prep, developing the Camas Connect Academy, student registration & scheduling, transportation routing, budget development, PPE purchasing, health screening, social distance planning, immunization review, supply pick-up, food services planning, town hall meetings, back to school events, instructional planning and much, much more. Phew!!!

The Back to School and orientation events this past week were inspiring.  Your creativity in welcoming students and families is appreciated.  From sidewalk chart art to musical welcome videos, the care and love you put into developing student relationships shine through.  With the reality of the pandemic and the challenge of transitioning between different learning delivery models, connecting with our students, families, and each other is more important than ever.

Our students are ready for us!  I turned the tables on Camasonian editors, Chase Muro and Will Hansen, and interviewed them about the coming school year.  Both are seniors and have been in Camas schools since kindergarten!

We live in a world that can feel a little overwhelming with many great challenges.  It can be easy to think, how can I make a difference?  The truth is we rarely get to see how we actually make a difference.  We might never know how one action might affect another, how one kind word can change a trajectory, how one tiny pebble can create a ripple that makes a difference for many.  Research backs up the age-old proverb of true happiness is found through helping others.  When we help others, we also help ourselves (7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others).  Helping others gives us purpose and hope.

All of the work getting ready for the school year has put us in a position to help our students and families greatly this year.  By keeping our focus on this opportunity, we might just be helping ourselves too!

Here we go!