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PE Reimbursement
Personal Service Contract
Purchase Order Request
Reimbursement Form
Returned Merchandise Notification
Travel Request

Human Resources

CEA Professional Fund Allocation
Employee Change of Info
Field Trip/Travel Checklist
Request to Open a Position
Resignation Retirement PEBB Checklist
SPED Caseload Relief


3124 F: Parent Notification of Law Enforcement Interview
3226F – Documentation of Student Interviews, Interrogations and/or Removal by Law Enforcement without Parent Notification
Alarm-Duty-Call Back
Annual Co-Curricular Form 2023-2024
COVID-19 Mitigation Concern Reporting
Notice of Emergency Expulsion
Online Employee Injury Reporting
Shop Work Order
Special Education Teacher Caseload Relief
Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Form
Request for Approval of Supplemental Materials

Request for Elementary Club or Activity Form 2023-2024

Vehicle Requests are now facilitated via TripTracker. See the link under Common Links on the Staff Corner page.


Direct Deposit Authorization
How to Read Your Paystub

Time Card Bus Drivers (2023-24)
Time Card Bus Driver Substitutes (2023-24)
Time Card Classified Staff, Four or More Hours (2023-24)
Time Card Classified Staff, Comp Time Log (2023-24)
Time Card Classified Staff, HOURLY-Fewer Than Four Hours (2023-24)
Time Card Classified Substitutes (all years)
Time Card Certificated Extra Time (all years)
Time Card for Certificated Substitutes (all years)