The primary responsibility of the Camas School District is to ensure that every student is known by name, strength, and need and graduates ready for continued learning, career, and citizenship. We believe the entire community benefits when every child succeeds: therefore, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that children of every race, national origin, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic status, socio-emotional well-being, and ability reach their full potential. This requires that every student is valued for who they are and feels a sense of belonging.

Including pronouns is intended to respect people’s gender identity, work against the automatic assumption that a person’s gender identity matches their biological sex), and create a more welcoming space for people of all genders. While the majority of people utilize the pronoun sets “he/him” or “she/her,” some prefer to utilize “they/them” pronouns or another pronoun set for a variety of reasons. If someone shares their pronouns with you, it’s meant to provide you with the information you need to refer to them appropriately.

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