Posted: December 2, 2020

2020 Teacher of the Year Visits SBE

2020 Teacher of the Year, Amy Campbell visited SBE during a lunch-time session at the November Board meeting and shared her expertise and experience teaching students in special education at Helen Baller Elementary School (Camas School District). Amy believes all children can learn, and to achieve her vision of academic success for all, she implements innovative strategies geared toward students’ strengths. She develops ways, through collaboration with general education teachers, to integrate her students into their communities. She believes in the power of inclusion when everyone can participate in learning together and experience diversity as an asset.

“I had a student who had autism and very profound impacts from disabilities…we didn’t have a problem with achievement, we had a problem with opportunity. Every day, I am having to truly see their [students] potential and I need them to see their potential and I need to be an innovator. If I can find these ways, and I can collaborate with my general education teachers, and we can have conversations not about what they can’t do, and find ways to include and see the growth of the community…”

During her session, she talked about the experiences of some of her students and their families during remote and hybrid learning (due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Read more at the Washington State Board of Education website.