Camas DECA

Posted: February 12, 2020

Over the last several weeks, 80 students from the Camas High School DECA program – a nationwide organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management – stood out in regional written and role-play competitions. On Wed., Jan. 15, Camas brought home some hardware from the Area 9 DECA Conference. Thirty students took home medals and 73 students qualified in their event and will be heading to the DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC) March 5-7 in Bellevue.

On Tues., Jan. 28, Camas DECA also got word that 25 written projects also qualified to compete at SCDC.  These written projects are 20-page papers that students spend months researching, coordinating, and writing.

Of the 25 projects, one was a entrepreneurship project where a Camas student developed a business growth plan for his start-up business; 21 projects were business-research projects where students took a business, researched it, and then came up with a plan to improve the business’s reputation and online brand presence. Last, four projects lead by Camas DECA officers focused on using project management to  complete the following campaigns:

  • A.I.D. Campaign – Career Development
  • Know Your Dough – Financial Literacy Project
  • Shop Camas – Creative Marketing Project
  • All Paws on Deck – Community Giving Project

CHS educators Suzie Downs, Dave Johnson, and Tonia Albert advise the Camas DECA group.

Please join us in congratulating all of our DECA participants!

Role-Play Competition State Qualifiers




Thavian Mckinney Accounting Applications Series 1
Madeline Wood Apparel & Accessories Marketing 1
Grace Park Apparel & Accessories Marketing 2
Makayla Buzzell Apparel & Accessories Marketing 3
Keilee Siefer Apparel & Accessories Marketing 4
Grace Howard Apparel & Accessories Marketing 5
Daria Oviatt Automotive Services Marketing 1
Megana Kommareddy Automotive Services Marketing 2
Adrian Soh Automotive Services Marketing 3
Piper Stroh Automotive Services Marketing 5
Andres Rivera Automotive Services Marketing Medal 6th
Cesar Sainte Rose Automotive Services Marketing Medal
Benjamin Taylor Business Services Marketing 1
Emily Hale Business Services Marketing 3
Shivaswamy Narayanan Business Services Marketing 5
Carl Sadewasser Business Finance Series Event Medal
Jasmine Domenech Business Services Marketing Medal
Kevin Fadlovich Business Services Marketing Medal
Bianca Pittaway Business Services Marketing Medal
Madora Doremus /Sydney Jones Buying and Merchandising Team 1
Sydney Dreyer

/Brooke Fuller

Buying and Merchandising Team 4
Ava Burton

/Skylar Westphal

Buying and Merchandising Team Medal
Ryley Anderson-Shaw Entrepreneurship 2
Camdyn Segall Entrepreneurship 2
Owen Leffel Entrepreneurship 3
Kaden Galvan Entrepreneurship Medal
Reagan Speakman Entrepreneurship Medal
Ashley McKinstry /Momina Naushab Entrepreneurship Team 3
Landen Hashimura Financial Consulting 1
Anna Colvin Food Marketing Series 1
Claire McOmie Food Marketing Series 2
Dylan Thomas Food Marketing Series 3
Braden Donaghy Food Marketing Series 4
Zachary Brazington Food Marketing Series 5
Dylan Faddis Food Marketing Series Medal
Ariel Mendoza Food Marketing Series Medal
Reese Stone Food Marketing Series Medal
Josef Kiesenhofer Hospitality  Professional Selling 1
Ava Wright Hospitality  Professional Selling 2
Olivia Bane/

Della Terill

Hospitality Services Team 4
Tinizee Harris/

Abbie Hayes

Hospitality Services Team 5
Luke Bales Hotel and Lodging Management 1
Nevaeh Fischer Hotel and Lodging Management 2
Dillon Grady Hotel and Lodging Management 3
Emma Speer Hotel and Lodging Management 4
Nathan Adams Hotel and Lodging Management 5
Crystal Becerra Hotel and Lodging Management Medal
Tara Hansen Hotel and Lodging Management Medal
Michael Jordan Hotel and Lodging Management Medal
Liam Wright Hotel and Lodging Management Medal
Andrew Breuer Human Resource Management 1
Thomas Kelly Human Resource Management 2
Madelin Mcarthur Human Resource Management 5
Sophia Hackl Human Resource Management Medal
Julia Smook Human Resource Management Medal
Elaine Paolo Marketing Communications 1
Jennifer Connell Marketing Communications 2
Isabel Newell Marketing Communications 5
Marcela Coca Ruiz Marketing Communications Medal
Cameron Kolkemo Marketing Communications Medal
Kelsey Osmus Marketing Communications Medal
Kaeli Rackham/

Neha Ravi

Marketing Management Team 3
Minwoo Dang/

Austin Shin

Marketing Management Team Medal
Nathan Sutherland Professional Selling 1
Akshaya Sakala Quick Service Restaurant 1
Ethan Sawyer Quick Service Restaurant 2
Megan Bauer Quick Service Restaurant 3
Kira Rothwell Quick Service Restaurant 5
Hayden Newell Quick Service Restaurant Medal
William Wood Quick Service Restaurant Medal
Claire Lee Restaurant and Food Service 1
Aidan Hood Restaurant and Food Service 2
Brittyn Nguyen Restaurant and Food Service 3
Logan Hamilton Restaurant and Food Service 4
Ajah Jensen Restaurant and Food Service 5
Anisa Akhtarkhavari Restaurant and Food Service Medal
Travis Vaughan Retail Merchandising 1
Charles Weidmann Retail Merchandising 2
Madhuri Parasa Retail Merchandising 3
Leona Macgregor Retail Merchandising 5
Jonathan Lin Retail Merchandising Medal
Madison O’neal Retail Merchandising Medal
Grant Bane/

Jackson Preston

Sports & Entertainment Team 1
Grace Benjamin

/Paeton Lesser

Sports & Entertainment Team 3
Esha Minhas Sports and Entertainment 1
Daniel Lee Sports and Entertainment 3
Edoardo Maggi Sports and Entertainment 4
Jacob Janssen Sports and Entertainment Medal
Brooklyn Chaney/

Jack Hanley

Travel & Tourism Marketing Team 2
Emma Neilson/

Hayden Sillers

Travel & Tourism Marketing Team 5

Written Project State Qualifiers

BMOR Camas QFC Madelin McArthur, Claire McOmie
BMOR Camas Willows Madora Doremus, Sydney Jones
BMOR Camas Forever 21 Esha Minhas
BMOR Camas Brandy Melville Ryley Anderson-Shaw, Madeline Wood
BMOR Camas Batteries Plus Bulbs Kevin Fadlovich, Lucas McCabe
BMOR Camas Abercrombie Thavian McKinney
BOR Camas Panache Logan Hamilton
BOR Camas Princess Nails & Spa Emily Hale, Bianca Pittaway
EBG Camas Sustainable Fabrication Owen Leffel
FOR Camas HAPO Community Credit Union Elaine Paolo, Ria Patel
HTOR Camas IHOP Piper Stroh, Dylan Thomas
HTOR Camas Stardust Diner Jennifer Connell
HTOR Camas BurgerIM Carl Sadewasser, Adrian Soh
IBP Camas Slappy Cakes Anna Colvin, Benjamin Taylor
PMBS Camas Shop Camas Campaign Claire Lee, Daria Oviatt
PMCD Camas A.I.D. Campaign Josef Kiesenhofer, Grace Park
PMCG Camas All Paws On Deck Megan Bauer
PMFL Camas Southwest Washington Financial Development Initiative Landen Hashimura, Ava Wright
SEOR Camas AMC Theatre Kaeli Rackham, Neha Ravi
SEOR Camas McMenamins Edgefield Theater Crystal Becerra, Kelsey Osmus
SEOR Camas Liberty Theatre Andrew Breuer, Ethan Sawyer
SEOR Camas Big Al’s Madhuri Parasa, Akshaya Sakala
SEOR Camas 24 Hour Fitness Jackson Gibbs, Emma Speer
SEOR Camas Lacamas Athletic Club Reese Stone