Camas DECA

Posted: March 9, 2020

From Camas DECA Advisor Suzie Downs:

Below are the Camas DECA’s results from the State Career Development Conference this past weekend in Bellevue, Washington. We loaded two buses with 75 students to compete against 3,600 competitors. Students needed to place in the top 7 in their role-play category and written events to earn a spot at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Nashville, Tennessee, in late April. (UPDATE: The 2020 International Career Development Conference has been canceled. For details and FAQ, visit

Camas had 30 students qualify for ICDC and 12 medaled! We are so proud of these students, as Washington DECA is one of the most competitive programs in the nation. Please take time out to congratulate them.


Maddi Wood                                        Apparel & Accessories                       2nd Place

Thavian McKinney                              Accounting Applications                     7th Place

Megana Kommareddy                        Automotive Services                           3rd Place

Andres Rivera                                     Automotive Services                           Medal

Shivaswamy Narayanan                     Business Services                              Medal

Ben Taylor                                           Business Services                              Medal

Owen Leffel                                         Entrepreneurship                                Medal

Annie Colvin                                        Food Marketing                                   4th Place

Landen Hashimura                             Financial Consulting                           5th Place

Nevaeh Fischer                                   Hotel & Lodging                                  1st Place

Luke Bales                                          Hotel & Lodging                                  3rd Place

Josef Kiesenhofer                               Hospitality/Tourism Prof. Selling            1st Place

Ava Wright                                          Hospitality/Tourism Prof. Selling            2nd Place

Andrew Breuer                                    Human Resource Management            5th Place

Madelin McArthur                                Human Resource Management            Medal

Jennifer Connell                                  Marketing Communications                Medal

Kaeli Rackman/Neha Ravi                 Marketing Management Team            4th Place

Nathen Sutherland                              Professional Selling                            Medal

Ethan Sawyer                                     Quick Serve Restaurant                     3rd Place

Megan Bauer                                      Quick Serve Restaurant                     5th Place

Akshaya Sakala                                  Quick Serve Restaurant                     Medal

Logan Hamilton                                   Restaurant Food Service                    5th Place

Claire Lee                                            Restaurant Food Service                    6th Place

Madhuri Parasa                                  Retail Merchandising                          7th Place

Esha Minhas                                       Sports & Entertainment                       5th Place

Grace Benjamin/Paeton Lesser         Sports & Entertainment Team            Medal

Emma Neilson/Hayden Sillers            Travel & Tourism Team                      Medal



Emily Hale//Bianca Pittaway-Business Services Research                                    6th Place

Owen Leffel- Business Growth Plan                                                              5th Place

Elaine Paolo/Ria Patel- Finance Operations Research                                 6th Place

Piper Stroh/Dylan Thomas- Hospitality & Tourism Research                        1st Place

Jennifer Connell-Hospitality & Tourism Research                                         2nd Place

Adrian Soh/Carl Sadewasser-Hospitality & Tourism Research                     7th Place

Rackham/Neha Ravi-Sports & Entertainment Research                               1st Place



Josef Kiesenhofer/Grace Park- Career Development Project                       1st Place

Megan Bauer/Luke Bales- Community Giving Project                                  2nd Place

Ava Wright/Landen Hashimura- Financial Literacy Project                           2nd Place

Claire Lee/Daria Oviatt- Business Solutions Project                                      3rd Place