Principal Smith talking to students

Posted: October 1, 2021

Schoolwide, mixed-grade project to form new, student-led clubs helps Camas teens bond after year of remote, hybrid learning.

Following an 18-month stretch of shuttered school buildings, remote learning, hybrid classes, mask mandates and canceled sports seasons, the start of the 2021-22 school year was never going to be completely “normal” for Camas-Washougal students.

With that in mind, staff at Discovery High School decided to use those first couple weeks of the new school year to shake things up and, they hoped, help students bond with their peers.

Instead of heading straight to their classrooms on the first few days of school, Discovery students came together for a mixed-grade, schoolwide project that emphasized students’ interests and unique skills by allowing them to form student clubs that will meet throughout the school year, during the students’ regular school days.

“In addition to creating a sense of belonging and community as we return to school during the pandemic, we are also emphasizing and evaluating collaboration, communication and craftsmanship,” explained Discovery Principal Aaron Smith. “Our kids are very engaged in the process.”

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