Multilingual Learner Program

Our greatest asset is the rich diversity of our students and families in Camas schools. Our multilingual students come from all over the world and speak over 45 different languages. We encourage our multilingual students to develop their home language skills while developing strong English proficiency and academic skills.

 A “Multilingual learner” is a student who is in the process of acquiring English and whose current proficiency level in English may qualify them for supplemental services through the State Transitional Bilingual Program. 

The multilingual program at Camas School District fosters collaborative learning experiences for all multilingual learners, placing a strong emphasis on supported classroom instruction and English language development. Through these approaches, students’ language and skill development are obtained in an appropriate time frame, equipping them to achieve academic success. 

For students who qualify for services, the Multilingual Program is committed to:

  • Supporting access to instructional activities and assessments in the classroom 
  • Providing for English Language Development based on individual language need
  • Engaging and Communicating with families

Qualifying for Multilingual Services

All students who register in the Camas School District are asked to identify their primary language on the Home Language Survey. Students may be required to take the WIDA (World-class  Instructional Design and Assessment) Screener from this information. This screener measures the student’s skills in the four domains of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Receiving Multilingual Services

Not all language learners have the same linguistic, academic, or social-emotional needs. Therefore, support is differentiated based on individual student needs. 

K-12 Multilingual students are supported in their content classrooms by teachers who integrate language development through differentiation and supportive techniques to address each student’s needs. For those students who have additional language needs, the building’s ML Specialist, many of whom are multilingual, provides additional support either in the classroom or in lesson and activity planning. ML specialists are specially trained to collaborate with teachers to provide students with instructional activities specifically created to support language within content areas.


The WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment)  is a tool used to evaluate the English proficiency of multilingual students and guide their progress in learning the English language.  This assessment measures students’ language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, offering educators valuable insights into their linguistic abilities. 

WIDA Access results help educators determine a student’s English language proficiency level, which in turn informs instruction and curriculum planning. Additionally, the WIDA assessment is crucial for deciding when a student is ready to exit the Multilingual support program. This data-driven approach ensures that students receive the appropriate level of support and are set on a successful path toward multilingual proficiency.

Language Access: Translation and Interpretation Information

The Camas School District is home to families with heritage backgrounds from around the world. With over 35 languages spoken district-wide, communication between school and home can easily become a barrier that prevents the valued partnership between guardians and educators in support of all student needs. 

Translation services are available for parents at every office in the Camas School District.

According to state and federal law, schools must communicate information to linguistically and culturally diverse parents in a language they can understand about any program, service, or activity that is called to the attention of parents whose primary language is English. 

Review the Parent’s Rights to Translation Services fact sheet so you know your rights.

World Languages and The Seal of Biliteracy

World Languages and The Seal of Biliteracy (From OSPI)

Washington’s K–12 students bring a rich heritage of many cultures and languages. Recognizing the importance of multilingual communication skills and valuing the cultural backgrounds of our state’s students, the Legislature created the Washington State Seal of Biliteracy in 2014.

 The Seal of Biliteracy (the Seal) is an award earned by graduating seniors who meet certain proficiency standards in both English and a second language. The intent of the Seal was to increase the number of students who are proficient in at least two languages. In 2020–21, the Seal was earned by 3,574 high school seniors. The Camas School District awarded ??? 

 In addition to the Seal of Biliteracy, students may also earn competency-based credits in high school if they complete all proficiency components of an assessment in a language other than English. World languages competency-based credits are awarded when students meet the level of proficiency established by their district’s world languages competency-based credit policy. In 2020– 21, 9,378 students earned world languages competency-based high school credits. 

Highly Capable/Multilingual Parent Advisory (HCMLPA)

The Highly Capable/Multilingual Parent Advisory (HCMLPA) is a volunteer body of parents from diverse cultures and experiences who serve as representatives of the highly capable and/or multilingual community. HCMLPA advises and informs the assistant superintendent and the HC and ML coordinators regarding Multilingual and Highly Capable services, as well as students’ educational experiences and needs within Camas School District schools. HCMLPA’s focus is on supporting the needs of diverse learners, and the parents who serve on the HCMLPA believe that, by doing so, all students will benefit.

ContactsElementary ML SpecialistsSecondary ML SpecialistsBilingual Family Advocates

Stacy German
Administrative Assistant
phone: 360-335-3000 ext. 79988

Kimberly Daniels Ed.M.
TOSA – Multilingual Program Facilitator 
Phone 360-335-3000  EXT 78975

Lisa Greseth
Assistant Superintendent
phone: 360-335-3000 ext. 75504

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