Who is eligible for Camas Connect Academy?
The program is offered specifically for students in grades 3-12 who need an alternative setting for health/safety reasons, are currently participating in an alternative educational experience outside of the school district (e.g. another online program, homeschooled), or who may experience better learning success in an online delivery model vs traditional.
When can I transfer and begin my Camas Connect Academy school experience?
Like traditional schools, students should enroll in Camas Connect Academy before the start of the school year. Coursework is specially programmed and tailored for a semester/trimester experience, so a commitment to attend for a semester/trimester is the expectation.
Can I transfer into Camas Connect Academy after I already started my learning in another CSD School?
Post start of school transfers are very difficult for students and will be handled on a case by case basis based on individual student circumstances. Coordination with the student’s school of attendance and Camas Connect Academy staff will be necessary and should occur within ten days after the start of school or semester.
Are there any costs involved?
No. A program offered by the Camas School District and is tuition-free. Students are issued a Chromebook to access their learning, and similar to the district’s traditional school setting.
Is the program open to students who qualify for special education?
Yes. If a student’s special education team determines that Camas Connect Academy is an appropriate placement, the student can be served by the program. Learning accommodations, modifications, and other services spelled out in the student’s IEP will be updated based on the delivery model.
Is the program open to students who qualify for English Language(EL) services?
Yes. If a student identified as EL is served in Camas Connect Academy, language services will be provided in various ways to meet the learner’s needs. 
Does a Camas Connect Academy student have access to the district’s athletic programs?
Yes, as an enrolled student, a Camas Connect Academy student is a member of the student body and has the same access to athletics and other student clubs/organizations.
If I don’t reside in the Camas School District boundary, can I enroll in Camas Connect Academy?
While the program was developed primarily to support resident students, on a case by case basis, non-resident students residing in Clark County may request admission.
Is this for full-time enrolled students?
Yes, students participating in Camas Connect Academy intend to be full-time students, taking a full course load.
Do Camas Connect Academy students have access to classes at their neighborhood CSD School?
In most instances, they do not. However, on a case by case basis, students enrolled in Camas Connect Academy may be permitted access to classes that can not be delivered in an online environment. For example, select students may be permitted to participate in Cascadia Tech Center classes, band, choir, orchestra, and career and technical courses. Transportation to and from their neighborhood school is the responsibility of the student/family.
Will Camas Connect Academy students receive a high school diploma and be permitted to participate in graduation exercises?
Yes, Camas Connect Academy students will receive a high school diploma, credits towards graduation, and we will have our own graduation ceremony.
Can Camas Connect Academy students participate in school assemblies, programs, and other school-related events?
In most cases, no. As many of these events require in-school preparation, planning, and coordination, this would not permit online students to access these events.
Will students have the opportunity to meet personally with teachers and support staff?
Yes. Camas Connect Academy students are encouraged to meet face-to-face with their instructors when appropriate for students’ and staff members’ health and safety.
Do students take statewide assessments?
Yes, all public school students in Washington, regardless of their educational setting, will take state and national assessments. These will need to be administered in-person.