Staff, I had another HOPE & JOY ready to go for this week and then I sat down to review the community Thoughtexchange today.   I use the community’s conversation to help me prepare for the town halls similar to how we’ve done the all staff meetings.  I have to mentally prepare to start analyzing the data from the exchanges.  People have a lot of concerns and as educators we have a strong desire to help and fix things.  Navigating the pandemic doesn’t necessarily make it easy to address those concerns which is really frustrating.

One thing I know for sure is that all of you are giving everything you have for our students.  I see it every day and was SO HAPPY to see it reflected in the exchange.  Our students and families see you and appreciate your effort.  I started analyzing the exchange and I knew I had to change the HOPE JOY.  I am sharing the top nine thoughts from one of our largest exchanges ever, and am so proud to be able to be your superintendent.  You are an AMAZING staff!  You are making a difference for our students and families.  Thank you!