Posted: March 6, 2020

Dear Camas Community,

We have provided updates to you each day this week waiting on test results from the County to determine if the COVID-19 virus has impacted our community. Currently, the County is still waiting on test results. In anticipation of the results, we have developed contingency plans. I feel it is important to share details of those plans with you today even in the absence of any confirmed cases in Clark County. 

There are no easy solutions, and the plans we make are fluid as information changes. Our goal is to minimize exposure while still providing education for our students. I will frame our plans in a series of questions and answers. 

What happens if one of our schools has a known exposure to the virus?

Most likely the school would be closed for a minimum of two days while we do a deep cleaning and follow any additional guidance from health officials. 

What about extra-curricular activities?

We will continue student activities such as clubs and athletics as long as school is still in session. Activities that take place away from schools will be assessed. Individual student participation is a decision made by families.

What about events/competitions put on by other organizations? 

We will continue to follow the lead of the organization and any direction from health officials. Individual student participation is a decision made by families. 

What about community events we host such as school carnivals or movie nights?

Public Health is not recommending event cancelations at this point. Given that information, it still makes sense for events that bring the community, students, and staff together that are not time-bound to be postponed, possibly until after spring break, when we will reassess the unfolding situation. We realize that this can be challenging; however, limiting potential exposure when we can is important. Specific information about events will be coming out from both school and district levels.

As we watch the world around us, it seems inevitable that the virus will continue to have an impact. There are opportunities for us all in these moments to demonstrate the care and compassion that make our community such a wonderful place to live. We will continue to update you as situations change.


Jeff Snell, Superintendent
Camas School District