Posted: March 4, 2020

Dear Camas Community, 

As of today, there are no known cases of COVID-19 in our community. However, in our schools, we hear “chatter” from our students as they speculate that individual students, staff members, or families of students and staff are being tested for or have contracted the virus. We are in close communication with Clark County Public Health (CCPH), and they’ve confirmed for us that each of these instances is a rumor. Please know that in the event of an actual occurrence that impacts our schools, CCPH will coordinate with us to keep you informed. 

Talking to Children About COVID-19 

The National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses, have published tips for talking to your child about this coronavirus. They write:

It is very important to remember that children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events. If parents seem overly worried, children’s anxiety may rise. Parents should reassure children that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that people throughout the country stay healthy. However, children also need factual, age-appropriate information about the potential seriousness of disease risk and concrete instruction about how to avoid infections and the spread of disease. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking with them about their fears, and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of infection can help reduce anxiety.

You can read the full text in this document.

Again thank you for your continued support during this situation. We’ll continue to keep you informed as circumstances change and new information becomes available. 


Jeff Snell, Superintendent
Camas School District