Posted: March 3, 2020

Dear Camas Community,

Our goal is to keep providing you with updates throughout this situation. As we continue to monitor the current situation as well as our contingency plans related to COVID-19, we are receiving questions from families about prolonged student absences. 

For now, Camas schools are operating on normal schedules. Should you choose to remove your student from school as a preventative measure, missed work will be made up upon your student’s return. Students may get assignments and access schoolwork online if that is the current practice, or their missed work will be waiting for them upon return with adjusted completion timelines. We continue to receive guidance from local and state partners to ensure consistent and equitable practices. Please see the most current statement from State Superintendent Reykdall:

“While some of you may be in a position to maintain educational continuity for some of your schools or programs using distance learning methods (ALE, online), I urge you to use an equity lens when making these plans. School districts must ensure equal access to education for all students. It will likely make more sense to cancel school and/or district services and make up missed days at the end of the school year, rather than deploying a distance learning model that can be accessed by some, but not all, of your students.”

We appreciate and thank you for your patience as we navigate this complex situation. We’ll continue to keep in contact as situations change and new information becomes available while always keeping the priority of the health of our students and staff our focus. 


Jeff Snell, Superintendent
Camas School District