Posted: April 3, 2020

Dear Camas Community,

As we come to the end of a very unusual spring break, I wanted to provide you with an update to the next phase of learning in the Camas School District. Yesterday, Governor Inslee extended the state’s stay-home order through May 4. This means that the first day we could return to school is Tuesday, May 5, extending our closure period another six school days. I have updated the school year with this information below. 

Over the next four plus weeks, our staff will be working to help students grow in meaningful ways. We recognize that despite our best efforts, problem-solving will be needed along the way as challenges with implementing a new way of learning are inevitable. Some of the challenges will be based on access issues. To help with internet access, we will be parking buses in neighborhoods for families to access wifi from their cars (WIFI ACCESS MAP LINK We understand that buses alone won’t solve everyone’s wifi access challenge, but we hope it can help for some. We recognize that each challenge is a unique situation and will require us to be creative as we figure out solutions together. 

Some of the challenges will be based on the new remote learning environment.  We have provided best practice guidelines for staff with the goal of creating safe and flexible learning opportunities.  We will need to monitor and adjust our plans over the next several weeks as everyone learns more about remote learning. We’ve included some resources for you below and hope you can review them with your students. 

On Monday, teachers and schools will begin contacting you and your students. They will share more specific information about the learning ahead. Teachers and school administration are also ready to support you as we move forward together. Please share concerns and ideas with them. Please also be patient, recognizing that this is new for everyone.

We care deeply about our students and families, and we understand that each of us faces similar and different challenges in this unprecedented time. Know that we are here to support you, and continue to reach out and connect with our staff to let us know how we can help.

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available. 

Jeff Snell, Superintendent
Camas School District


Resources for Families:


2019-20 School Year: Learning Activities & Assessment 


9/3/19 – 3/13/20: Traditional learning engagement and assessment/grading practices

3/16/20 – 3/27/20: Transition time with the announcement of state school closures; staff members exploring and learning more about remote learning options; continuing the learning that was planned prior to the closure; making connections with families to assess student needs.

3/30/20 – 4/3/20: Spring break

4/6/20 – 5/4/20: Staff members will deliver learning designed to continue student growth in all subject areas. The primary focus will be on providing learning opportunities and meaningful feedback for students rather than grading. Staff members will document the level in which each student is involved with the learning to monitor progress, not in a way that negatively impacts grades.

While technology will be a key resource used in this phase of learning, other options will be available to accommodate students who have limited access to the internet. Staff members will continue to develop opportunities for students to engage with learning and demonstrate their understanding.

Staff members may enter scores into Skyward for tracking and communication purposes. Those scores will not negatively affect a student’s grade.

5/5/20 – 6/19/20: If we are able to return to school, staff members will help transition students back to school with opportunities for students to re-engage with learning considering their ability to access instruction during the closure. In order to assess student learning, staff members will blend pre-closure and closure learning experiences to determine proficiency and/or grades. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

IF THERE ARE CONTINUED SCHOOL CLOSURES BEYOND MAY 4: Staff members will continue to provide learning experiences, and will begin to shift to a proficiency-based assessment system of prioritized learning standards for students through remote instruction. Students will be given multiple ways to demonstrate their proficiency.

High School: Teachers will consider overall assessment in two phases: prior to closure and during closure in determining credit. For classes that require a grade, we will determine a process that accounts for the extraordinary circumstances. We will also develop a process for students to recover credit and learning opportunities if they were unable to access learning during the closure.