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What are the implications of remote learning for high school seniors on track to graduate?

The State Board of Education allows flexibility for the graduating class of 2020. Students who were on track to graduate before the Feb. 29 governor’s declaration of emergency will not be impacted negatively due to circumstances beyond their control.

A student is considered on track to graduate if they have completed or are enrolled in courses that would allow state graduation requirements to be met by the end of the 2020 school year. Note: If a term had not yet started by Feb. 29 (e.g., schools on trimesters or Running Start, or students enrolled in credit recovery or initial credit courses), then the student’s planned coursework also may count toward “being on track.” Any questions about graduation requirements should be directed to students’ high school counselors.

How will I know if I’m on track to graduate?

We applied to the State Board of Education for the authority to waive credit-based graduation requirements for individual students who are on track to graduate. However, students are expected to make a good-faith effort to meet graduation requirements. High school counselors and/or administrators will contact each senior about their standing.

What if I wasn’t on track to graduate?

High school support will be customized to the individual needs of each senior. Seniors may have the opportunity to re-coup or make-up progress in meeting standards during the remote learning period. High school counselors and/or administrators will contact each senior about a plan for success.

What will grading look like?

Students will be awarded letter grades in the C to A range, or receive an incomplete. Students have the opportunity to raise their grades from whatever their grade was on March 13, 2020, our last physical attendance date. That grade will be the baseline grade for the student moving forward. No grades will be lowered below that baseline grade if students engage with remote learning opportunities offered by their teachers. Teachers will assign grades or assign an “incomplete” for students that cannot engage in an equitable way. We will continue to provide multiple ways for students to engage. In the event an incomplete is assigned, there will be opportunities for students to convert that incomplete to a grade after the school year concludes.

Do I still have to complete a High School and Beyond Plan?

Yes. If you submitted your High School and Beyond Plan before the school closure, you have met the requirement. If you have not completed your High School and Beyond Plan, your school will contact you to offer support in meeting this requirement.

Is my graduation ceremony canceled?

Options for conducting graduation ceremonies are being evaluated now and ultimately may be determined by social distancing regulations in the coming weeks and months. Options include virtual graduation ceremonies or possibly postponing ceremonies until late summer.

I do not have access to the internet at home, how can I get wifi?

We are working on a plan to offer hot spots in locations around the district. Stay tuned for more information.

If I failed a class and need to retake it for graduation, what are my options during the school closures?

We are working to create options for students who need credit recovery, including online courses. Please reach out to your school directly to learn more.

I was planning on getting PE credit from directed athletics for my spring sport. What happens if there are no spring sports?

Seniors who are pursuing Physical Education credit through Directed Athletics during the Spring 2020 sports season will still have an opportunity to complete this course.  Coursework is currently being modified in light of school closures and sports cancelations. Stay tuned for further communication and updates.

Is state testing canceled?

Yes, state testing has been canceled due to the school closure.

What if I was planning on taking a state test to meet a graduation requirement?

As of March 20, OSPI plans to ensure the online test administration platform for the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) will be open Monday, April 27 through Friday, June 5.

Following the statewide school closure, this year’s limited testing window will allow districts to provide:

  • An option for seniors (Class of 2020) to (re-)take the English language arts (ELA) and/or math SBA to meet a graduation pathway.
  • An option for seniors wanting to take the ELA summative assessment for their Seal of Biliteracy.
What is happening with AP testing?

AP tests will be taken remotely.  This information is being updated on the College Board website. Your teacher will be in touch with more information.