Posted: July 22, 2020

A board workshop took place to provide the school board with an update on fall planning. You can access the information shared at Board Workshop 7.20.20 Fall Planning.pdf and a video recording of the workshop at 7/20/20 CSD Board Workshop: Fall 2020 Planning.

Our regional and state situations are not trending well. Clark county remains in phase 2 of the Safe Start Washington plan after the application to move to phase 3 was paused without an anticipated start date (Clark County Public Health). We continue to develop our fall plans that meet state guidelines while monitoring what’s happening with transmission rates and other indicators. As a region, we are in communication with our public health leaders and other school districts. We want to provide the best learning environment possible with a critical focus on student and staff safety. We need our community’s support in order to bring students back on campus for learning. Following the social distancing guidelines and wearing masks can help turn transmission rates and other indicators towards a more favorable situation for on-campus learning.

Last week we checked in with families through a survey about their current preferred learning delivery model to help us with planning recognizing that the situation continues to evolve.

Big picture

We continue to plan for the following options for students and families this fall.


Think of this as the “traditional” option enhanced with Remote Learning (applying lessons learned through the spring of 2020). Our goal is to be on campus each day of the school year, and we recognize that this might not be our reality. We may have to transition between remote learning and on-campus learning throughout the year. Remote learning will be facilitated by your student’s teacher(s) with designated times for instructional learning blocks and student and family outreach. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we may have to flex in and out of remote learning during the school year.

As we have previously shared, we have the capacity to bring all students on campus each day and meet the current safety guidelines at the elementary level, although based on the most recent feedback from families that may not be the preferred option. At the secondary level, we do not have the capacity to bring all students on campus each day. We have planned a cohort experience for students through a Blended Delivery Model, where students would receive a minimum of two on-campus learning days combined with remote learning days for the remainder of the week. This allows us to reduce the number of students on campus at any given time. We are considering this option for elementary students as well, given the situation in our region and your feedback.

Full-Time Remote Learning

Camas Connect Academy is a full-time remote learning option we will launch this fall and plan to continue beyond the pandemic. This option is for students and families that prefer an online-only format. Students will enroll in the Academy, which will be staffed by Camas teachers. Learning standards and curriculum will be aligned with Camas standards and enriched through an online curriculum. Students could transition back to an on-campus, blended learning environment at the end of grading periods.

We continue to refine our logistical safety plans related to transportation, health screenings, communication, and daily life, whether on campus or engaged remotely. We also continue to engage as a region with other districts and our public health agencies. We are adding to our FAQ document, thanks to the thoughtful questions you are asking.

Timeline leading up to the start of school

Week of July 27

  • Continue updates to staff and community
  • Refine logistical safety plans through feedback loops
  • Walkthrough Day in the Life scenarios pressure testing our fall plans for both remote and on-campus learning
  • Facility preparation and accommodations

Week of August 3

  • Share refined options based on the current conditions for student/family consideration
  • Facility preparation and accommodations
  • Transportation survey and bus routing refinement
  • Staff professional learning opportunities

Week of August 10

  • Presentation of fall reopening plan for School Board consideration
  • Press release/communication
  • Informational opportunities about Camas Connect Academy and other learning delivery model options
  • Specific information from schools using Day in the Life scenarios
  • Facility preparation and accommodations
  • Fall options survey to families
  • Open enrollment in Camas Connect Academy

Week of August 17

  • Specific information from schools
  • Staff professional learning opportunities
  • Open enrollment in Camas Connect Academy

Week of August 24

  • Getting ready for school
  • Specific information from schools
  • Staff professional learning opportunities

Week of August 31

  • Scheduled first day of school
  • Specific information from schools