Posted: April 23, 2020

Dear Camas Community,

As we have rapidly moved into the world of remote learning and support, one of our greatest goals is to ensure that we are reaching and engaging every student. We know that families and students are impacted differently by our current circumstances, and each school’s staff are continuing to reach out in a variety of ways.

Each teacher’s weekly learning plan involves multiple engagements and interactions with students through various means, and that will continue during the next phase of learning. Beginning next week, teachers will also begin taking attendance, though this will be a very different process than during the regular school day. The remote learning attendance system is designed as a “minimal engagement” reporting that will enable school teams to support students whom we are not reaching on a regular basis.

To that end, and beginning the week of April 27, teachers will report on contact/engagement weekly. Each Friday, students will be marked “present” if the student has been connected to learning in some way that week. They will be marked “no contact” (elementary) or “not engaged” (secondary) if they have not been connected to learning that week. “Connected to learning” might look like turning in assignments, participating in a video conference, collaborating on a google doc, sending an email, and more. Again, our hope and plan are for multiple engagements with each student during the week – this system will help us make sure we’re connecting with each and every student.


Jeff Snell, Superintendent
Camas School District