In an effort to keep you informed, we’d like to share with you the most recent requirements for School Board Meetings in the State of Washington. Governor Inslee has updated the rules for “miscellaneous venues,” which the Washington State School Directors Association follows to establish the requirements for School Board Meetings.  We will follow this latest update as outlined in the following:

  • We can now allow for more seating with the return to our pre-COVID room setup. There is no longer a need to sign up to attend board meetings.
  • Masks are still required. The WA Department of Health (DOH) still requires all students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings in school settings.
  • The decision to require the use of masks in our school settings is not a district decision. 
  • DOH rules and requirements can be found here. (Note: These rules apply not only to schools during the school day but also to all school district facilities at all times).
  • As a public school district, we must comply with this requirement.
  • For those not able or willing to wear a face covering, alternative access to the school board meeting is provided through Youtube live at
  • If masking rules change before a meeting, we will update our practices accordingly.