Posted: August 8, 2016

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

As the summer winds down, staff in the Camas School District is gearing up for another promising school year. On September 6, our district will be welcoming about 7,000 students into our schools. That’s a record number of students ready to learn. From our preschoolers to seniors, we want each student’s school year to be one of engagement and inspiration. Of course we want students to achieve academic standards, but more importantly, we want them to understand and continue to develop who they are as a learner. With the pace at which the world is moving, the ability to learn and find joy in learning is the greatest resource we can give our graduates.

We are proud of working towards that mission with caring, quality, and growth as the focus. You are a tremendous part of that effort. In the spring, we reached out to the community and received more than 4,000 ideas, through Thoughtexchange, about how we can best serve the students. There was an appreciation for teachers and staff, excitement about the schools and programs offered to students, and recognition of student success. There were concerns about the growth in our city and a hope that we can maintain the sense of community that makes us all proud to live in Camas. Another concern shared in received feedback was about student wellness. Students are facing uncertain times and high expectations. Surrounding them with community that cares about them makes a difference. Connecting with schools and students can be as inspiring for you as it is for them. You can help by continuing to support our students. Whether it’s volunteering at a school, attending a concert, or just asking a neighbor student how school is going—it all makes a difference.

Thanks to the generous support of Camas voters, a $119.7 million bond issue was approved in February 2016 allowing the district to serve a growing population, improve student safety, take care of our existing facilities, and enhance student and community recreation. Projects are underway including planning for the new Lacamas Heights Elementary and the new Project Based Learning High school (now located at the Sharp campus), a new parking lot at Camas High School, new roofing at Dorothy Fox, new carpet at Liberty Middle School, and safety enhancements across the district. Look for news updates about our bond program in your email throughout the year.

Communication with our community is paramount to student success. Families in the district regularly receive news and information via email. Additionally, we utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to connect with families where they are online. Consider following us—links to our social networks are located on the top right corner of our district web pages. Speaking of web pages, you’ll soon see a complete redesign of our district website as we strive to make volumes of information easier to understand and navigate.

It’s an honor to serve as your superintendent. I’m excited to ring in the 2016–17 school year—which will most certainly be a successful one thanks to the amazing students you share with us, your strong support of schools, and our talented staff. We are very proud to be a part of this amazing community and are ready to meet the challenges ahead of us as we provide high-quality instruction that results in continuous growth for all students.


Jeff Snell