Mr. Snell helping a Skyridge student to open her locker.

Posted: September 12, 2016

Thank you all for a fantastic start to our school year!  We welcomed 6,999 students into our schools last week.  That’s a lot of coordination between getting students to school, getting students to class, getting students engaged in learning, getting students fed, getting students home, and repeat, so THANK YOU to all of our parents and staff!!!

As I was visiting schools, I was able to help a number of students with their lockers.  Let me tell you, I was nervous and hoped my instruction would actually result in the click of the locker opening.  For students, opening a locker is a pretty big stress for at least a day or two. Then it just becomes a part of the routine. Students face a lot of these kinds of beginning-of-the-year stressors.  Often the stressors turn into JOY and HOPE as students build trust and confidence.

We all play an important role in supporting students in working through those challenges.  As you’re helping “open lockers” these first couple weeks know that you’re planting seeds for great things.  Here’s to the HOPE & JOY you find and help build in these moments.

Have a fantastic week!

Jeff Snell