Joe Voogt blowing leaves with leaf blower.

Posted: October 31, 2016

Sometimes we find HOPE and JOY in special events or activities, and sometimes we find HOPE and JOY in people just being themselves.  The focus for this week’s HOPE/JOY project is people, specifically Joe Voogt, an amazing guy that makes a difference every day in the CSD.  Joe has worked for our district the past 18 years.  He’s also a veteran who served in Iraq.  To say Joe’s connected to Camas is kind of an understatement.  His mother, Barb, and brother, George, work in the CSD.  He’s a 1997 grad of Camas High and has two students in the district: Sam a sophomore at Camas High, and Ben, a fourth grader at Woodburn.

Joe loves being outside, so taking care of the grounds and facilities that serve our students is a natural fit.  Joe talked about the special pride he takes in caring for our athletic fields and watching students practice and compete on them.  Joe carries himself with a calm sense of purpose that’s centered on helping others.  It’s about service for Joe, making sure students and staff have what they need.  He’s inspiring to watch.

We have so many staff members that support teaching and learning with service.  When you get a chance, let them know how much we appreciate them and the JOY they bring to their work!

Here’s to the HOPE and JOY we’ll find this week!