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Posted: October 23, 2017

Continuous Growth

The student growth process is an important component of the teacher and principal evaluation system. The process of intentionally focusing on a set of students and specific learning goals is challenging and rewarding. It’s a frame for the heart of our work, meeting students where they are, and helping them move forward. It provides opportunities for reflection and dialogue about practices that impact students in a positive way.

As a district, we’ve tried to replicate the student growth process throughout our system. Teams have found common areas of focus. Each school has a problem of practice and theory of action that follows an inquiry cycle similar to the student growth process. Investing in these kinds of cycles help us learn and grow as well as the students. It helps us refine the way we work together. An important aspect of this is to talk to each other about what we’re working on and why that work is important to us. We do this at the school level through continuous growth workshops with each school represented by principals and teacher leaders. In the fall we talk about our hopes and ideas and in the spring we discuss the impact and what we learned through the process.

It’s inspiring to hear about the work. Whether talking to individuals or teams there is a consistent focus on understanding what will engage and support students. There’s also a common thread of pushing students to levels they might not have thought possible themselves, believing in who they are now and who they can become. Thank you all for your investment in this important work.