Paper turkey wall art

Posted: November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year.  It combines my love of eating and time with friends and family, just enjoying each other’s company.  🙂

This Turkey of Thanks was on the wall at Prune Hill courtesy of the second and third grades. Each student wrote what they were thankful for on their hands.

It seems very appropriate to thank each of you in this week’s HOPE & JOY email. Even though you might not find your name written on the hand feathers of a turkey, know that your work is appreciated.  Each day our students benefit from your effort.

We also benefit so much from our students. Watching them learn and grow each day is a privilege. Let’s make sure each of our students head off to Thanksgiving break this week knowing that we appreciate them too!

Here’s to finding HOPE & JOY this week and to a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Jeff Snell