Track Coaches

Posted: May 22, 2017

Alisa Wise and Rod Raunig have been coaching track at Camas High for a combined 38 years. Next weekend, as the state meet wraps up, they will be saying goodbye. Being a coach is a lot of work – lots of time away from family, braving the elements, long bus rides, and trying to recruit volunteers to help run a meet. Add all of those years up and they’ve coached close to 4,000 athletes – WOW!

Alisa talked about the JOY. “Well, the past 21 years at Camas have been a wonderful journey! I guess that is where my joy has been found – in the journey! There is just so much to share, I don’t even know where to begin. I guess for me…what I will miss the most is the relationships! The relationships with the athletes – and I especially mean those relationships that continue on past high school.”

I caught up with Rod in between classes and he talked about the relationships as well. Watching students work hard and grow was rewarding, and so was the relationships he developed with the other coaches while working with students. Being with each other, sharing stories, and supporting students make for a pretty special experience.

For Alisa, the track team provided “a place to be whole, to feel a belonging, a place of peace, safety and a place of HOPE. I chose to be a coach so I could create an atmosphere of rising up…and also one of acceptance and belonging. A place of hope and joy! I think we have been able to do this as we have grown to over 200 athletes!”

Thanks for the HOPE & JOY you brought so many Coach Raunig and Coach Wise!
Have a fantastic week everyone!